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Bite down on a gauze for half an hour. If bleeding has not stopped, use a fresh gauze for an additional fifteen minutes. Repeat if necessary and call if bleeding persists.


Some discomfort may be experienced following oral surgical procedures. Two aspirin tablets every four hours will usually relieve the pain for adults. In the case of children or if pain persists, call the office.


Some swelling of the jaw may be noticed. Do not be alarmed by this normal reaction of the irritated tissues. Apply an ice bag to the affected area for ten minutes. Remove for ten minutes. Repeat this procedure until the swelling goes down.


Soft food is desirable for the period immediately following your visit. Chew solid food on the opposite side of the mouth for 24 hours and avoid very hot liquids.


Do not rinse your mouth today. Tomorrow, use a salt solution (one teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water) every three hours to cleanse the affected area.

Do not drink alcohol beverages
Do not drink throw a straw
Do not smoke
Do not spit

Remember to call promptly in case of severe pain, excessive bleeding, or any unusual development.

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