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• It is highly recommended that you wear your teeth whitening trays during the night while you're asleep. At night your saliva glands shut down thus reducing the dilution of the whitening gel with the saliva. Therefore, you will get better, faster and more effective results (whiter teeth).

• Before wearing your trays, be sure to floss and brush your teeth thoroughly. Wipe your teeth dry with gauzes or tissue papers.

• Load gel into your whitening trays on the front side of each tooth that needs to be whitened. Do not try to whitening teeth with porcelain crowns or facial bondings because they cannot be whitened. You will only waste your whitening solutions.

• Place gel only in a small strip through the center on the facial side of the teeth to be whitened.

• Insert trays in mouth and adapt tray sides to teeth. Use your index finger to spread the gel onto the facial of the teeth evenly. If the gel overflows to your gum, remove excess gel with clean finger or soft tissues.

• Remove trays in the morning and clean trays with soft toothbrush and cool tap water, not warm or hot water.

• Store trays in case provided and refrigerate unused gel solutions in refrigerator, not freezer.

• If significant sensitivity occurs, stop treatment for 1-2 days, then continue again with whitening procedures or wear the trays only for a few hours during the day instead. Call your dentist for a consultation if necessary. Your dentist may recommend other anti-sensitivity products.

• Avoid drinking coffee, tea, coke or cranberry juices while whitening your teeth. Use straws if necessary.

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