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Numbness usually lasts approximately 2 hours. Please do not chew anything or drink hot or cold liquids until your numbness is gone..


Pain following implant surgery is usually well controlled with non-narcotic mediations such as 600mg of ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin) or Tylenol. If ibuprofen has been prescribed for pain, continue taking this medication every 6-8 hours for next 2-3 days, even if you are in little discomfort. Narcotic medications (such as Vicodin or Codeine) may be additionally beneficial for pain control. You may elect to take the prescribed narcotic (with, not in place of your ibuprofen or Tylenol) for pain that is moderate to severe. Narcotic medications may cause drowsiness and/or nausea. To minimize stomach upset, take your medication with at least ½ glass of water and after meals.


You generally can resume normal activities the day following implant surgery. It is recommended however, that you limit your activities and return home to rest the day of your surgery. This is especially true if you have taken sedative medications.


Do not brush the area of surgery. Rinse starting 2nd day with the prescribed mouth rinse or with warm salt water twice a day.


For several hours following surgery, a small amount of blood may appear in your saliva. If bleeding persists, try to localize the area where the bleeding is coming from. Apply firm but gentle pressure directly to the site of bleeding with a gauze or moistened tea bag for 15 to 30 minutes. If severe bleeding continues and you cannot stop it, please call Dr. Nguyen.


A good diet is important for healing. A semi-soft high protein diet is recommended. Avoid hot, hard and crunchy food since they may injure the healing tissues. Food suggestions include scrambled eggs, yogurt, bananas, instant breakfast drinks, apple sauce, cottage cheese, oatmeal, etc.

Post-Surgical Problems

If you experience swelling that increases after 3 days, fever, discomfort that is not controlled by the prescribed medications, an adverse reaction to any medications, or if you are uncertain about your progress in healing, please call Dr. Nguyen.

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